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Ape Cave

May 16-18, 2008« More activities from 2008

Our May trip to the Ape Cave, on the south side of Mount St. Helens, was amazing. We arrived at Beaver Bay camp grounds on Saturday morning. We then set up camp and ate an early lunch. Later that day after we had spent some time around the campgrounds, we drove up to the Trail of Two Forests parking lot. Amazingly enough, it was 90 degrees outside and there was four feet of snow on the ground. The trail was totally buried in snow and we had to hike from there to get to the Ape Cave. After we hiked through the cave and saw the famous meatball, we went back to camp. Later we ate foil dinners and desert and got a campfire going.

In the morning we got up and then had breakfast. After breakfast we packed everything up and went to a nearby field where we used lashings to make two quad-pod structures that we could hang on. On the way home, we went to a restaurant called Izzy’s Pizza (no, not Izzy’s). we ate at the all you can eat buffet there for a while and stuffed ourselves. Overall this trip was awesome. – AMG

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