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Camp Fire Mountain

April 21-23, 2017« More activities from 2017

We ended up with not enough adults to make Friday night happen, so we drove up to Camp Fire Mountain Saturday morning instead. After we got our gear into the War Eagle campsite, it was quite windy, so we decided to swap the activity schedule. We ate lunch, the guys built a couple nice fires in the big fire pit, and we found a tasty toad. We did most of the land-based canoe skills like safety, parts of the paddle, clothing, gear, etc. After that we practiced some Camporee skills like knots, tug-of-war, A-Frame Race, etc. By then it was time to cook up some Dutch Oven feasts. Interestingly, both Scout Patrols and the adults all chose to make dutch oven pizza. Yum! For dessert, one of the Patrols made a berry cobbler with the crust mixed in, the other ate the raw sugar from their peach cobbler ingredients. Then it was campfire for the rest of the evening with some songs and roasted marshmallows.

On Sunday, we got up at 6am, ate breakfast, and headed down to the boathouse by 8am for canoe practice. We lucked out on the wind for the most part and only had a bit of drizzle for a short while. After putting on PFDs, everyone learned the parts of a canoe, got good practice on all the strokes, and then raced to the end of the lake and back. Everyone successfully got in and out of the canoes in deep water, rescued swamped canoes with a buddy boat, and learned to launch and land canoes on land and dock. Rescuing a swamped canoe without a buddy boat remains a tough challenge. After warm showers and changing into dry clothes, we ate lunch. After lunch, we packed up all of our gear, loaded the two vehicles, swept camp, and organized the axe yard and cleaned the hand washing station as service projects. We then walked over the chapel for a nice Scouts’ Own and outing reflection, and headed back to camp for free time until the 3rd vehicle arrived to help us get home.

A couple note about the camp. They’ve done lots of work on the camp including new 4-man Adirondacks, cook shelters, fire rings, beach front, boat house, etc. Pretty deluxe accommodations. The cost was more than twice what we would have paid for at Camp Pigott though. – MHG

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