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Camporee 2009

April 24-26, 2009« More activities from 2009

Twelve Scouts showed up at the church on Friday at 5pm for the Aquila District Camporee, similar to the Klondike Derby, minus the snow, and held at Camp Brinkley (now Camp Edward). The Camporee lasted until noon on Sunday, but there was no lack of activities to do. Some of the events to compete in included Compass Rose, similar to a compass course. The A-Frame Walk where scouts made; an A-Frame and then walked it while one scout stood inside. There was also a Tarp Flip where everybody stands on a tarp and tries to flip it without getting off, and then there was the log saw, where you competed to cut through a log the fastest.

In addition there were other awards to win like the cookoff where the A-Team and Allatuna won second and third place with their Mexican Casserole and Apple/Pear Tart and Shepherd’s and Apple Pie, respectively. Additionally, for the second year in a row our Troop won 1st place for best campsite. The adults from our Troop ran the A-Frame Walk station while the Scouts were competing in events. The weather was nice, and though there was some drizzling, there were also some sun breaks. In their free time Scouts did things like whittle and tie other Scouts to trees. It was a great event. – JFW

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