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June 3-5, 2011

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The Aquila and Green River Districts teamed up again this year for the annual Camporee Boy Scout competition. Pacific Raceways in Kent, Washington was again the location for the event as well. We enjoyed excellent sunny warm weather all weekend. There were probably 400 or more people in attendance this year. Our Scouts built an hourglass tower as part of our camp gate. They were able to climb up and see some of the car racing across the street. It was fun to walk around and see the gates made by other Troops as well.

Our adult leaders ran the A-Frame relay, where Scouts build a giant a-frame by lashing logs together with Pioneering skills, put a person on it, then walk the frame 100 feet with four Scouts steadying the a-frame using ropes, and bring it back to take apart. There were several really good Patrols competing this year along with some new Patrols who learned as they went. Some of the other events looked pretty fun too. The A-Team took 2nd in the A-Frame Race, 2nd in Rope n’ the Circle, 2nd in the dutch oven main course cook-off (winning a new 10″ dutch oven for the Troop), and an award of merit and honor for the knot rack event. Adults and both Patrols cooked dutch oven dinners on Saturday night. Sunday morning was pretty quick. It took us forever to get out of camp though. We were the last to leave. – MHG

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