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Cape Disappointment

November 27-29, 2015« More activities from 2015

Scouts and adults gathered at the church at 8am, checked out the gear we needed, and took off for Cape Disappointment State Park at about 8:45am. With a stop for gas and bio-break, we arrived at the campsite at 12:15pm. We checked in with the ranger to get our parking passes, unloaded all of our gear, setup camp, and made lunch. After lunch, we headed out on the beach to enjoy the beautiful weather, small beach birds, and a bald eagle flying above and watching down on us from the trees on the cliff. It was "warm" enough that some Scouts braved with water and waves. After cleaning up back at camp, we made dinner, and then went back out onto the beach for some night-time fun of German Spotlight. We finished up the night with warm campfires.

On Saturday, we got up around 7am for breakfast and noticed that the very aggressive raccoons had gotten into a 5 gallon bucket wedged under a brick and picnic table bench, and taken all the food. They weren’t at all considerate in cleaning up after themselves either. After breakfast and loading all of our food into vehicles, we headed off for our 10:30am tour of the Cape Disappointment Coast Guard Station. Our guide (Melissa, Boatswain’s Mate 3) took us to their command center to see their computer system for tracking boats and issues they may have to deal with. The person at the computers ran the station Search and Rescue (SAR) alarm for us. We then went back outside for a tour of the lookout tower and the Cape Disappointment Lighthouse (oldest on the west coast, built in 1856) after walking by one of the Deadman’s Coves. After that, we got to board two 47′ rescue ships, as well as a 29′ boat, and one of only five 52′ Coast Guard boats in the US that was the oldest ship on the base. All of the ships are able to right themselves after tipping completely upside-down. Sadly, none of the guns were left on the gun-mounts for us to play with, nor were there keys in the ignitions.

After a quick stop at a nearby grocery store to replenish the food taken by raccoons, we headed back to camp to make lunch. After lunch and again loading all food-related stuff into vehicles, we headed back out again to visit the Lewis and Clark Interpretive Center built on top of the old Fort Canby military base. We spent an hour or so going through the center which detailed the journey of Lewis and Clark and the Corps of Discovery. Lots of great artifacts, pictures, audio, writings, and video describing the expedition and all of the adventures they faced. Sunset at the center was excellent too. Back to camp for dutch oven dinner and campfires before another night trip to the beach.

We rose a bit more leisurely on Sunday for breakfast, cleanup, a beach hike, lunch, and a sweep of camp before heading home. Traffic was a little heavy in places, so it took us about 4 hours to get back to the church by 6pm. – MHG

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