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Commonwealth Basin

March 29, 2008« More activities from 2008

The Commonwealth Basin snowshoe hike was a short but fun one day outing. We drove up to Snoqualmie Pass on Sunday, March 29th. We hiked on the road for a while before we got to a spot where we could walk up to the trail. The snow was deep, and we hiked for about a half-hour before then we hit a fork in the trail. We took the right fork and began hiking up the side of Kendall Peak. We had great views of Guye Peak to the west during our hike, and snow was falling from the trees all around us making little snow slides.

After a couple of hours of snowshoeing, we hiked back down to the valley and then we took the left fork over the creek and headed to a spot where we could eat and make an igloo. We started melting snow to make water for cocoa, and stomped down a large area of snow to compact it for making igloo blocks. After lunch we began cutting blocks of snow and placing them in a circle for the base of the igloo. Even though we didn’t finish the igloo, we still had fun using the ice saw and our snow shovels. We destroyed the blocks so other people could hike through and then went back to our cars. We even got off a snowball fight before the end and we all had fun. – AMG

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