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April 10, 2010« More activities from 2010

On Saturday, 4 Scouts and 5 adults met at Seward Park at 8:30am for a cycling trip. The plan was to go around Lake Washington’s smaller half, and meet up at Seward Park at around noon. When everyone (minus two people who were sick) showed up, we headed north on the trail right by the water.

The ride started off sunny and fairly warm, but extremely windy. once we had gotten on to the I-90 Bridge, we biked over it, and onto Mercer Island. The ride over Mercer Island was fairly short, but had many beautiful houses, and several parks to look at. Once we did that, we were under overpasses, on boardwalks biking by the edges of the lake. There was almost no wind blowing at us there, and after that, it was at our backs.

We stopped at Gene Coulon Park for lunch, and took a few pictures. We refilled our water, and went to the bathroom before we set out again. Later, we passed the Renton Airport, and a few planes took off right next to us. The rest of the trip was on roads that skirted the edges of the lake. It was very windy and mostly uphill. The very end of the ride was just down a few hills we had driven in on, and back into Seward Park where we started. It was a great bike ride on a great day to have one. – AMG

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