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Ensign Ranch

May 23-25, 2014« More activities from 2014

We met on Friday night at 6pm at the church and left at around 7pm. We arrived at the Beaver Lodge Island campsite at Ensign Ranch at a little before 9pm due to slow traffic after the Pass. We setup our tents, ate dinner, and Scouts built a campfire before heading to bed.

We woke up at 7am on Saturday and it was nice and sunny! We made and ate breakfast, Scouts played Wiffle ball, cleaned up the food, and we got into our paddling clothes.

After walking down to the dock where the canoes were, we got PFDs and paddles from the camp staff, and started learning about boat safety, while adults readied the 3 canoes we brought with us. Along with the dozen or so canoes Ensign Ranch has, we had enough boats for everyone. We continued learning about different parts of the paddle and canoe, how to execute different strokes, and how to get into and launch a canoe properly.

Once on the water, we practiced paddling the canoes forward and backward, as well as spinning them around. We had a few accidental capsizings, so we had to learn some rescue techniques a bit earlier than anticipated. But it was warm and sunny, so the rescues went well.

Back at camp at around noon, we ate lunch and a few Scouts caught Rainbow Trout from the edge of the island. After lunch, we got back in the canoes to learn more skills including purposeful capsizing and different kinds of rescues. We also had fun racing the canoes around the island, and then lots of Scouts took turns on the rope swing flinging themselves into the lake. Once we were finished we docked our canoes back on land and rinsed them out so other camp guests would have clean canoes.

Later in the afternoon we relaxed at camp playing Wiffle ball, working on skills, and preparing our dutch oven dinners and desserts. Several Scouts and adults caught more fish, so we had a nice hors d’oeuvres starter course of fresh, hot trout! We also had fun watching the beavers swimming and slapping their tails on the water, as well as playing football in the field across the bridge. We ended the night with a nice warm campfire.

We woke to another sunny morning on Sunday, got breakfast going, and began working on skills. Scouts also threw the football around a bit in between packing up gear and eating lunch. We loaded gear into vehicles, swept the camp several times for trash, and drove over to the challenge course on Lockamora Road. We played on the mosquito-ridden challenge course while adults had a nice lunch in the sun. All Scouts mustered the courage to do a trust fall from a platform (some did it several times), and then we gathered in the field for a Scout’s Own. We left camp at 3:30pm just as it started to rain and made it back to the church a little before 5pm. – MHG

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