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Founding Fathers and Sons

September 13, 1949, was an eventful day in the history of West Side Presbyterian Church when a group of volunteers met to initiate the organization of Scout Troop 282. Attending were E. A. Van Zante, Jack Rockwell, Dallas Hathaway, E. A. Wendell, Ralph Glandon, Bob McKinney and Siguard Pederson. These men, along with Cord Chantler, R .E. Terry and Roland Web Zante as Chairman, Herb Smith as Scoutmaster and Steve Apling and Larry Fletcher as Assistants. Charter boy members were Dave Chantler, Edson Pederson, Lauren Rice, Ron Rice, Keith Rockewell, Bob Terry, and Jack Van Zante. Dues were set at ten cents a week.

The first Court of Honor was held on November 30th. By the end of January, there were 22 members and the boys made over ten dollars selling homemade holly wreaths. The first hike was on December 17th to Klaus and Boyle Lakes and around Fuller Mountain. Larry Fletcher recalls how the leader relied on the scout manual to stay a knot ahead of the boys in the erection of a tower. After the five mile hike, they drove toward Snoqualmie Pass for a snowball battle.

In the spring, Andy Nelson was invited to join the troop committee and in the fall he took over as Scoutmaster from Herb Smith.

Old records indicate a variety of activities. The Pier 91 Naval Station pool was available for swimming. Steve Apling and Andy Nelson showed the boys how to make their own pack boards. Saltwater State Park was the site of cooking tests.

The Mothers Club was formed with Mrs. Beslow as President and their first project was to sew signal flags and triangular bandages.

In April, the troop had an overnight trip to Lake Retreat. There were fire-building races and axe and knife instruction. Larry Fletcher was the first aid instructor at troop meetings. Lauren and Ron Rice were the top Scout Circus ticket sellers. In May, there was another Fuller Mountain hike.

At the June 13 Court of Honor, there was a pot luck dinner. Movies of the boys were taken and Rev. Hoffmeister led a rousing song fest. Second Class badges were awarded to Fred Glandon, Dick Hamilton, Rod Williams, Ed McKinney, Edson Pederson, Jerry Pague, Ron Rice, Lauren Rice, Jim Tilbury and Jack Van Zante. Gary Dahl was the new Tenderfoot Scout.

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