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Gold Creek

December 11, 2010« More activities from 2010

The roads were clear, so we made good time driving to Gold Creek. When we turned off the freeway to head east to the trailhead, we were stopped by a snow park person who informed us that northwest forest passes are not acceptable and sold us snow park day passes for $20 each car. Ouch! Luckily, we were able to borrow cash for 3 of the cars from one of the Webelos dads. We should check around that area for free parking and plan on shuttling drivers to/from the site next time. We’ve got 8 forest passes for future use…

We parked, walked to the trailhead, and put on our snowshoes. At that point, a guy in a sports car drove up onto high snow and ice stopping his car from moving. We tried to push him out with no luck. We got our good turn for the day in by digging him out with two snow shovels we brought.

Scouts had discussions about map & compass, leave no trace, 10 essentials, and the buddy system. We finally got underway at 11am, the trail was very pretty, and it snowed on us all day. We were quite a spectacle with 46 people trudging along the path. We hiked until 12:30pm, stopped for lunch, hot cocoa, and plenty of snowballs. We zipped back down to the cars and were on the road by 3pm, the freeway at the Pass had become compact snow with a 35 MPH speed limit, so it was slower getting out, but we still made it back to the church by about 4:15pm.

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