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Ice Axe Training

May 6, 2017« More activities from 2017

Scouts and adults gathered at the church at 8:00 A.M. They were waiting for the 24 scouts that signed up, but only 6 arrived. The adults corrected the scouts on what they should have brought and what to bring next time (it was now to late). They set off in two cars. When they arrived at Snoqualmie Pass, Alpental was closed for skiing so they went across the street to a steep slope on the Source Lake trail. They put on their gear and set off for the slope.

The scouts walked a ways up and the adults gave a run down of what would happen. The scouts started practicing their ice axe arrests preparing for the bigger slope. The scouts learned of safety and special techniques to prepare them for the future high adventure courses and steep slopes. Then they started practicing their arrests on the steeper slopes. When they were done they had lunch. Next they started heading up the steep slope towards a giant tree well. The experienced scouts were a lot faster than the younger scouts making their way up.

Finally everyone made it to the tree well without any major falls. They then were taught how to slide down the slope using their ice axes as rudders. The older scouts went first, then the younger scouts, and then the adults. They walked a little bit back and made it to their cars and that’s when they noticed one of the scouts bleeding from their head. Luckily it was a minor injury and he was okay. They made it back in time before 5:00 P.M. and went home. – J.E.F.

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