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Kalaloch Beach

November 23-25, 2007« More activities from 2007

We spent two nights car camping on a cliff overlooking the Pacific Ocean, just South of the Kalaloch Lodge. The weather was amazing for the weekend after Thanksgiving and the beach was beautiful! The first night, we played German Spotlight and wandered the moonlit beach without flashlights.

The next day we practiced our fire-building and first aid skills for the upcoming Klondike Derby. Later in the afternoon, we explored the beach North of camp and found some nice rock formations and tide pools. We spent the rest of the afternoon getting wet and some of our Scouts were so skilled that they were able to walk on water. Luckily, no Scouts were stranded by the incoming tide and we were all able to make it back to camp.

After a beautiful sunset, we made some great dinners (of course the adults made the best food), and then headed back down to the beach for a bon fire replete with s’mores and ghost stories. It got down into the mid-high twenties overnight, but we woke up to a nice sunrise with frost on the ground. One of the Scouts had his birthday that day, so his Patrol made him a tasty apple cobbler. It warmed up enough later that day that we could shed our winter coats and dry off all our gear and tents. The four hours and 183 miles driving one-way makes for a long trip, but the beach was worth it! – MHG

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