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Monte Cristo

October 18-19, 2008« More activities from 2008

Monte Cristo was a great hike. It was nice and cool the first day when we hiked in on October 18th. On the way to the campsite we crossed a huge downed log over the lower Sauk river since the bridge had washed out several years ago. Once we arrived, we all talked and set up camp when we arrived. However, the main camp was already occupied, so we camped on part of the railroad grade. Later that day we scrambled up a boulder-field and climbed on a huge dead tree that we named green jacket.

The next day on the 19th, we woke up to ice on our tents. After breakfast we headed over to the Monte Cristo town-site. We saw a giant railroad turntable, several old cabins and a big ore-melting ruin. After that we went back to camp and ate lunch. After we left we got back to the cars in small groups at a time. – AMG

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