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Mount Adams

June 20-21, 2009« More activities from 2009

Mount Adams

(Father’s day weekend is when this hike took place.) According to a participant the climb up Mount Adams was long and strenuous. Seventeen people went, but only eight pushed through to the summit. Their first goal was to reach the false summit (Pikers Peak) at 11,657 feet. The snow conditions were firm and compact, which is good when you are traveling with crampons. Another 624 feet of elevation and they made the summit of Mount Adams at 12,281 feet. The spectacular view overlooked Mt. Rainier and the rest of the Cascades.

About a third of the descent was glissading, which is sliding on your butt. The glissade was 2,200 feet, and that’s the longest glissade in the Cascades. When they were packing up to hike back down, the sun came out and snow came down on them. Later they all had pizza in Hood river. – AJK

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