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Shi Shi Beach

November 23-25, 2012« More activities from 2012

We left the church at around 10am for this Thanksgiving weekend campout at Shi Shi Beach. It was a four and a half hour ride, but quite a beautiful one. We stopped at a Safeway for patrol food and gas, and pumpkin pie.

The hike started on a nice trail and boardwalk, but there were eventually several stretches of boot-deep mud to wade through. We filled out a permit at the box at the end of the trail and continued. By now it was getting dark, and we were only halfway through our hike. Luckily the moon was out! The last part of the hike had a steep trip down a 150 foot hillside with lots of roots and rocks. We used ropes to get down.

We made it to camp. We setup camp and had dinner. We took a fairly short beach hike at high tide after dinner but then went right to bed. We were all worn out.

On Saturday we got ready for a day hike. Some scouts played barefoot in the surf for a while before we headed south on the beach. Our hike was to the Point of Arches which was two and a half miles down the beach. At the Arches there were caves. We even ate lunch in a cave.

Afterwards there were really cool tide pools to explore with anemones, starfish, crabs, mussels, barnacles, etc. We saw a river otter flopping around with joy. The sad stuff we saw included a dead seal and also too much garbage. Lot of weird things. There was a beautiful sunset on the way back to camp. We sat up watching the waves pound the beach after dinner on Saturday.

We had great sunny weather on Saturday and Sunday, with only two quick light drizzles including a double rainbow.

On Sunday, we ate breakfast, tore down our camp, and did a full sweep of all of the campsites before heading back up the trail at 11am. We ended up doing a service project and packing out what seemed to be about 500 pounds of garbage. Each scout earned 2 hours and 45 minutes of service. The drive home included a stop at McDonald’s.

We made it to the church by about 6:15pm. – RW

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