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Snow Caves

February 28 – March 1, 2009« More activities from 2009

About 30 Scouts assembled at the church to drive up to Mt. Rainier’s Paradise area where we could build snow caves. We got to the Parking lot and everyone played around and had lunch. Then we all got some ski poles for stability, strapped on snowshoes, put on our packs, and headed onto the trail. It was a very short hike, only about half a mile so we made it to the campsite very quickly. Then everyone dropped their things and pitched their tents so they could begin work on their snowcaves while the adults went back to the car to get more things. Everyone worked most of the day, but only two scout groups got their snow caves OKed for sleeping in. After dinner, we all went on a night hike so we could be warm before we went to bed. It was steep, but the views were beautiful, or at least they would have been if it was light out. While waiting at the top, a mouse scurrying around on the snow caught everyone’s attention. When our whole group reached the top, we started down, and apart from almost making a wrong turn in the dark, nothing of interest happened. Everyone went to bed tired and warm. The next day we all woke up early to eat breakfast, pack up and collapse our tents. We hiked out and returned to the parking lot just in time for lunch. – JFW

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