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Source Lake

December 12, 2009« More activities from 2009

Eleven Scouts and eight adults left the church at 9am for Source Lake near Alpental in the Snoqualmie Pass area. The drive was close to an hour, and there was snow on the sides of the rodes along the pass.

The hike up to the lake was great. There was around 4-5 feet of snow, and large snowdrifts were everywhere but we didn’t use snowshoes because the snow was so compacted. All of the water around the lake and trail was frozen. The hike itself was around an hour in and an hour out, and the Troop spent an hour or two around the lake, which couldn’t be seen because it was mostly covered with snow.

The hike was around 2 miles. The group ate lunch above the lake. There was hot chocolate. Several Scouts started sliding down the hillside for fun. The rest of the group sat and talked while they ate their lunches. After lunch everyone packed up and left.

While the Scouts were eating and hiking there were several cascading escarpments of ice that other climbers were attempting to climb. We also crossed several creeks that had frozen over with water still running underneath. The weather was nice and sunny the whole time. As we hiked out, the sun set and it began to get dark earlier than usual because of the mountains and ridges to the West. – AMG

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