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August 16-19, 2012« More activities from 2012

A group of about 22 scouts left for WashJam at 4pm for an hour-long drive to a field near Fort Lewis. The Washington State Jamboree only happens once every 4 years. When we got there we put up our tents and kind of hung around and played UNO for the rest of the night. We woke up at 6:30am and ate breakfast and we headed to the activities. There were all sorts of stuff. There was boffer swords, mountain biking, rifle shooting, throwing knives and tomahawks, rock climbing, water sports, merit badges, scout skills and some other fun stuff. We got to do what ever we wanted from 9am to 5pm, but at 12:30pm we ate lunch. Then around 6pm we ate dinner. After that we went to a concert. Next some scouts did the zombie night hike. You would go through a trail and zombies would have a sock full of flower and they try to whack you with it. You have 3 lives to try to survive the hike. We went to bed right after that.

We woke up again at 6:30am and we ate breakfast. Then we headed to the morning flag ceremony. Right after that we all went to the activities. That day was the same as the day before. The weather was still really hot and humid. That night there was some singing and also there was an illusionist. After that we headed to our camp to hang around and then go to bed. We woke up at 6:30 again; we had a quick breakfast and began to pack up. We cleaned our camp and left. Our troop stopped by Cabela’s to look around at the outdoors equipment. Then we went back to the church to unload all the troop gear. It was a very fun trip. – BWS

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